Alone with God

Today (Sunday) we begin our series on the wonderful Book of Psalms. 150 psalms – some downright heartbreaking – are included in the Book. Surely each of us can find a psalm that corresponds to our given mood that day. But regardless of where we are or how we’re feeling at the time, one thing remains clear: The Book of Psalms is an opportunity for us to spend some much needed one-one-one time with our Creator.

A wise man once declared, “When I approach the Psalms, I feel the impulse to say: ‘Take off your shoes for you are standing on holy ground.’” If you’re like me, you read the Psalms and immediately feel comforted, as if kicking off your shoes at the end of a long work day, relaxing in your chair, and enjoying some hot cocoa by the fire.

We don’t always like to be alone, particularly if we are extroverted by nature. I would submit that even we are alone, we’re not truly alone. God is ever-present in our lives. And when we read about David’s struggles, victories, and inner thoughts, it’s easy to understand why he was a man after God’s own heart.

We need not approach our relationship with God in the same manner as David, but it is important that we spend some time alone with our Father. This is not always easy. As is the case in any relationship, our relationship with God must be cultivated and grown over time. This isn’t merely for our own benefit, but for His as well (God is crazy about you, so why wouldn’t He want to meet individually with you?). The Old Testament minor prophets met with Him alone. So did Moses, David, and Elijah. May we follow their examples as we empty our bags of distraction and refill them with a strong focus on God!

In His Name,


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