Conform or Transform?

Right now you are holding this piece of paper in your hands. That doesn’t seem like anything special. But think about it: you are reading words on an actual sheet of paper. In our digital world, I’m guessing most words you read are on a laptop, cell phone, Kindle, or some other electronic device. You don’t see too many newspapers in driveways these days, do you?

I read somewhere that teens spend approximately nine hours each day using electronic media. Nine hours. Daily. It’s not necessarily the amount of time spent using these devices (which is staggering), rather it’s what the teens – and adults – are seeing on these screens that should concern us. Clearly there is a difference between spending time using your YouVersion Bible App and scrolling through Facebook for 45 minutes wondering how that old “friend” can afford a family vacation in Hawaii.

How does what we see influence what we think? Paul encourages the Philippians to mediate on things that are “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy” (Phil. 4:8). When we are about to watch a movie or TV show, we should ask ourselves, “Will what I’m about to do bring me closer to God or closer to the world?”

It is tempting to want to fit in, particularly for younger people. The pressures I faced growing up are nothing compared to what my children will encounter. This is why it’s so critical to meditate on Romans 12:2 –   to the pattern of this world,

We will be discussing discipleship in the upcoming weeks. Part of being a genuine disciple is stimulating a thirst in others to be like Jesus Christ. Jesus followed his father’s will. He didn’t conform to the culture of his day. He didn’t cave in to the Pharisees. And he certainly didn’t spend time worrying about what people thought of him. Christ had a mission. That mission centered around God’s perfect will. And because Jesus transformed the world, you and I can enjoy eternal life in the present day!

In His Name,


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