A Love Supreme

Dick Hoyt has run in 161 5K races. That’s good. Exercise is always important.

Dick Hoyt has raced in 72 marathons. That’s amazing! 72 more than I’ve run.

Dick Hoyt has participated in 261 triathlons and Ironman events. That’s incredible! What a wonderful accomplishment.

Dick Hoyt has run in all these events with his son. Wow! Talk about some serious father-son bonding time!

What a terrific story, eh?  Well, there’s one more thing that warrants mention:

Dick’s son Rick was born with cerebral palsy.

Father (age 75) and son (54) have competed in 1,108 endurance events together.

Read that last sentence again.

Most parents in that situation try to figure out ways just to make their child “fit in” with mainstream society. The Hoyts blew that concern out of the water a long time ago. No, Rick cannot speak or use his arms or legs, but his parents made the decision to raise him just like any other boy.

Fast forward 50 years later, and this is far from “any other” relationship. Dick pushes Rick in a wheelchair when they run, carries him in a seat at the front of a bicycle, and pulls him in a boat as they swim together. The best word we can use to describe this relationship? Love.

I think of Christ’s words in Matthew 11:28. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I often think of that verse when I need Jesus to do the heavy lifting in my life. Like Rick Hoyt, we have someone whose love for us defies description.

As we go through the race of life, which is sometimes a grueling one, we need our Lord to push us, carry us, and pull us. He does this and much more.

Not because he has to. Not because it is his responsibility. Not because we ask.

No, Jesus carries our burdens because his love for us is supreme. It is indescribable.

Just ask Rick Hoyt.

In His Name,


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